The intention with this portal is to bring together three spaces where I am creating content for different audiences:

With “Seeking Matayla,” I document my transition that started in earnest (at least in terms of the social transition and hormone therapy) in early 2017. I also share my thoughts in that space regarding gender norms, the discovery of identity more generally, self-care, and the Mindfulness meditation that played a large part in aiding my transition. I also will occasionally discuss events or topics in the news that affect or concern LGBTQ people.  While some of my writing in this space is oriented toward people on similar journeys as mine, the purpose is intended to inspire and motivate everyone, particularly those who may marginalized, oppressed, or discouraged by their place in life.

With “IT Ponderings“, I share my thoughts regarding Information Technology best practices and managements. Since my profession has for quite some time been oriented in the IT field, from part-time experience as a student worker to a full-time career, these thoughts mainly pertain to or stem from my own professional experiences. The type of IT I practice is particularly concerned with higher education, but I try my best to target the writings in this space toward a more general audience. Some of the topics will include or reference my experiences transitioning in the workplace since I started gender identity transition while already practicing IT full-time, but the primary goal in this space is to write about IT.

The newest of these three spaces is “Reflections on Discovering Faith” or “Faith Reflections,” I will be exploring my identity as both an LGBTQ person who practices Mindfulness and also a Christian. With this being said, the purpose is not to share my views on religion, spark theological dialogue, or convert anyone. The intention of this space is to merely explore how my spirituality factors into my growth and self-care. The impetus for this space was to talk about the things that may not be relevant or would be hurtful to discuss with some of my followers of “Seeking Matayla,” but is nonetheless important in my own particular journey that has led me through gender identity transition.